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The Rainbow Children are HERE and many of the previous generations simply do not understand how to communicate with these powerful young Souls. Being a parent can be very difficult and confusing in these times. Many parents are simply not connecting with thier children, as they don't understand their children's Star Light Resonance. What is Star Light Resonance? These new Souls being incarnated on the planet, each have at least one Star Light Resonance, which is their individualized Soul trait as a gift to this world. These unique children do not operate like previous generations as they are aware of the illusion of the control systems of the geopolitical powers. They don't buy into the 9 to 5 jobs, or the job security myths, nor do they want to be indocrtinated through higher education and become entrapped for retirement.  These children are often misunderstood, as they came here to bring new knowledge and technology that breaks the status quo. These children each have varying unique skills and DNA encoding that unlocks their Star Light Resonance as their unique Soul trait characteristics. With a Rainbow Child Reading, Motherella and Walker will channel your child's Higher Self and Galactic Council to unveil the child's Star Light Resonance. They will give you the main message of what their Soul path is requiring to fulfill their mission here. 


Order your Rainbow Child's Reading.

Motherella & Walker will channel your child's Alien Species and Star Light Resonance:⁠
⁠* Alien Species⁠ Origin

* Star Light Chrystaline Harmonic
* Discuss the connection of their Star Family and Soul origination for their Divine path and purpose.⁠

You will receive the downloadable video recording of your child's reading, and we will mail you their Star Light Resonance bio insert(s), and a Star Family Official Certificate signed by Motherella and Walker. ⁠ 

If this resonates with you, get your child's Star Family Reading to unlock their Divine connection to their Soul origination!⁠


NOTE: Uploading a photo of your child will be neccassary in order for best results. Upon purchase of this product, you are giving us consent to scan your child's Soul signature through their picture. All pictures are deleted as soon as the video recording is delivered to you via email.

Rainbow Child Reading

  • * Soul Alien Species⁠
    * Connect you with at least ONE of your Star Family Members who sit on your Galactic Council⁠
    * Discuss the connection of your Star Family and soul origination with your Divine path and purpose.⁠

    You will receive the downloadable video recording of your reading, and we will mail you your Star Family Alien Species bio insert(s), and a Star Family Official Certificate signed by Walker and myself. ⁠ 

    If you are feeling lost, stuck, or even unfulfilled, get your Star Family Reading to unlock your Divine connection to your soul origination!⁠

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