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ARE You ready for the



  1. 30 Day Challenge Schedule Posts on May 1st

  2. Registration/app sign up must be done prior to May 1st to sign up in time. 

  3. Must train and log workouts for 5 days per week to win the challenge

  4. Participants can post facebook accomplishments through the app onto their page.

  5. Participants will engage in a group chat within the app to stay accountable and maintain competitive camaraderie. 

  6. Sign up for your 30 day trial below. In order for best timing of the 30 day trial, it is recommended to sign up on April 29th (Sat), or April 30th, Sunday, as program posts to the following Monday. Do not sign up on Monday! If you do sign up then, simply send an email and your calendar will be adjusted accordingly.

  7. Enter the 30 day challenge by clicking on the button below (redirects to website)


If you are already enrolled in the Body Type Blueprint Program and wish to participate, please just send a message through the app or an email asking to be enrolled. 


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