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Mental Pollution Clearing
Quantum Mind Activation Session 

Mental Pollution.png

Are you feeling stuck? Do you have mental clutter? Is your mind feeling clouded or muddled? Are you unfocused?

Many people are unaware of their innate energy design known as the Chakra System.  Your Hue-man design energy centers can become stuck and stagnant from feeling overwhelmed, overthinking, being stressed, and having a negative mindset.  This results in the third eye (6th) chakra and the crown (7th) chakra to become clogged, muddled, blocked, and stagnant which prevents positive clear energy flow.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this Spectra Energy Healing Session: Quantum Mind Clearing and Activation is for  you!

In this limited time offer, you will receive a 15-Minute immersive distant healing session. In this session, you will experience a powerful clearing, along with an ignited energy activation to assist you with both the clearing and activation flow for the third eye and crown chakras.

NOTE: It is required you remain in a quiet personal space free from all distractions, as well as, wearing a good pair of headphones.



Higher Guidance cover.png

This 1-Hour Spiritual Consultation is designed as a "sit rep" where we discuss and explore energy blockages (mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual) causing you to have stagnant energy in your life.

As I read the energy, your Higher Self offers me insight into the areas of dormancy while providing me the guidance to assist you in your own awakening.  This awakening empowers you to embark on your own healing journey while guiding you through the certain steps to take towards living your true authentic life. 

You may be currently thinking:
What is my purpose?
Am I on the right path?
Why do I feel stuck and stagnant?
Why do I feel so lost?

Does this resonate with you?

If you are feeling a strong sense, pull, and nudge, then it is time for change. If you feel you are meant for more or destined for something bigger, but don't know where to begin...

then let's discover it!

To begin, you must connect with your Higher Self, your future self, so you can allow the shift and transformation to take place.  This is a slow, integrative process that can result from daily practice and integrative lifestyle changes. 

Your current programming, scripts, and belief systems which are your "current scripts" can distort and thwart you from connecting with this higher sense of self and purpose.

The tools suggested will be:
Ways to shift the mindset
Meditative Movement, a.k.a. Quantum Walking

The tools I often suggest are located in my Eden Lodestone Membership site. However, there are tools I recommend that are outside of the membership as well.  Becoming a member is merely an offering or suggestion if it resonates with you.  If that does not resonate with you, than simply use the suggestions in the spiritual consultation and explore other modalities that best align with you. Your gut will know which direction for you to take. 

NOTE: No one can heal you, make your life different, or perform the connection with your Higher Self except for you. Your shift and transformation begins with an innate commitment to doing your inner healing work and taking steps towards becoming the best authentic version of you.  That comes from daily practice and using healing tools daily as part of your lifestyle.

If you feel a strong YES to have a Spiritual Consultation, then click the button below and let's discuss further...



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